Reiki Energy Healing Events
Our events are fun and casual with the goal of making Reiki accessible to all. We offer a variety of different events for different folks - here's a brief description of each:

Reiki Healing Nights - Open to Everyone
This is a great way to get a get a brief introduction to Reiki, hear stories about how Reiki has impacted others, receive Reiki, get a Reiki healing attunement and get your questions answered in a comfortable, friendly environment. Plus we serve drinks and snacks! Suggestion donation of $20 per person. We hold these events the last Saturday of every month.

Reiki Shares - Open to Reiki Practitioners
Reiki Shares are open to all Reiki practitioners who want to share their Reiki experiences and learn from each other as well as provide Reiki to each other. This is a casual event that is free to all. It is also a potluck so bring your favorite munchies if you would like.

Chakra Workshops - Open to Everyone
Understanding Chakras is an important part to understanding our health. The goals of the Chakra Workshops are to provide a level of understanding with each Chakra, what they are, how to tell if they are out of balance, how to maintain healthy chakras plus practical techniques and exercises to help you clear, balace and recharge your chakras.

Angel Workshops - Open to Everyone
Many Reiki Practitioners use the power of Angels to help in their healing work. Angels can help to protect, clear energy, heal, provide guidance and much, much more. Learn how to connect with your angels and which angels to call upon for what purpose. Each workshop focuses on a specific Archangel, their purpose, how to call for their help and how to notice signs that they are listening and working for you.

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