Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT / Tapping originated by an engineer named Gary Craig in the late 1990s. This very simple technique is easy and can be used by anyone at anytime to help free themselves from emotional events and negative thought patterns. By lightly tapping on the the basic pressure points used in accupuncture and accupressure in a certain combination, we can free ourselves from past traumas and emotional thought patterns that are holding us back. It's a way of re-programming our thoughts and separating our emotional ties to traumatic situations.

The goal is to get to the point where you can view past traumas like an unattached observer watching a movie of someone else. The idea is to break that emotional tie so that when you think of a past event or trauma you no longer react in a negative way.

EFT clears the way so that you can move forward as you let go of the baggage of the past.

Examples of using EFT include:

  • Releasing past sexual, physical, emotional abuse
  • Removing fears
  • Releasing addictions
  • Releasing negative thought patterns
  • Releasing emotions tied to past traumas
  • Releasing past karmic issues

I am EFT Level 1 certified and will sometimes incorporate an EFT session into a Reiki session if I feel it will help my client reach their goals. I do not charge extra for EFT and only introduce EFT while in the process of a Reiki session.










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